Update - May 2022

John Ens is now retired. He would like to thank all his previous clients for their business.


Intense Technologies was started in September 1991. Located in Metro Vancouver, we provide consulting services for applications of computer vision, machine vision and image processing.

The Principal of Intense Technologies is John Ens Ph.D., who has 37 years experience in imaging. He has published seven papers, and holds four patents.


The primary expertise of Intense Technologies is developing techniques for extracting information from digital images. Services provided include:

  • Turnkey solutions to custom imaging applications;

  • Algorithm development;

  • Software development;

  • Hardware design and prototyping; and

  • Systems analysis and integration.

Intense Technologies specializes in developing custom machine vision solutions where off-the-shelf hardware and software fails to meet speed, accuracy or other requirements.

Additional skills are:

  • Native code development for Windows computers using C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio;

  • Custom code development using Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) and AVX for Intel processors;

  • Real-time multi-threaded development; and

  • Embedded C programming.


Intense Technologies has provided consulting services to at least 27 firms, applying expertise in computer vision to applications such as:

  • Finding red marker tape in aerial images;

  • Inspecting pulp chips to detect contaminants;

  • Detecting the centroid of a laser beam image;

  • Counting the entry and exit of transit passengers;

  • Feasibility of using depth from defocus on space station robotics;

  • Tracking the 3D position of a patient's head during PET scans;

  • Automated grading of lumber;

  • Gauging and alignment of wood strands for Oriented Strand Board;

  • Counting skipped dots in half tone print;

  • Saw blade tooth gauging;

  • Pattern matching for 3D spine visualization after scoliosis surgery;

  • Counting vitamin pills in plastic packets;

  • Grading used golf balls;

  • Inspecting injection molded plastic parts;

  • Paper formation testing;

  • Paper web break detection; and

  • Paper web inspection.


Email: info@intense.ca